the battle for 4-e (back to square one)

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pre downtime we managed to kill a small sniper fleet ( 5-6 losses ) before RA managed to lock the system down.


Up time started and there was tention in the air. many system in eve where still under traffic advisory. it barly took 20 minutes for local to reach number of excess 500 with the total maximum number in local was 620. unfortunately since Scorched Earth ( now referred to as SE ) called in RA and RA number were excessive not many engagements happened. there was one small engagement at a newly forming tower which for the SE fleet incurred a few losses which were 2 onxy’s , 2 brutix’s , hurricane, manticore, ferox and a caracal . Our forces also had some losses with a fly catcher , a broadsword,blackbird,arazu and a megathron downed. the aggro board shows that during this fight the SE side lost around 400 million isk while aggro lost only 300 mill. They erected another bridge ststem and there cyno jammer was active during the entire time.

several intel report shown that there were many hauler and jump freighters around the system but with the presence of RA made it hard to get good clean attacks on anything in the system. morale stayed pretty high with the talking about intercourse with dolphins and it can kill a human.

There was a mass movement from the station at around the same time RA ( Red alliance and friends ) left the system. Once they had left SE number dropped and local smoothed to around 300 in local with a fleet we are in over in excess of 200 pod pilots.

AGGO has now reclaimed advantage over the space with bubbles back on to the station and any new baby tower they erected are now being put back into reinforced. It seem that SE got RA to save them but when they leave the are back to square one where they have several tower are in reinforced. we just wonder now what too ducky has planned to save the towers again once they again come out of reinforced.

This report is all fact to what happened. all all the info if what i know off coming from the intel sources, obviously they would of been doing stuff moving ship out of station that we may of not known about. Because i don’t know it i cant report on it. I though we might of had some more fights but with the superior number of ships in system it wasn’t worth a suicide run when we could easily wait and knock towers down at a later date.

follow on my twitter to what is happening with the current campaign to taking scorched earth space.


EvE Life: Wormhole Wars?

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After reviewing some of the new shiny blogs that have made it way on to our laps with in this week ,I am defiantly looking froward to the M10 launch of Apocrypha.  As usual my mind like the forum whore that i am, i love to speculate about stuff and make wild claims that would be cool to see. exefile-2009-01-25-03-47-01-98

I have foreseen that in one of the blog in particular that there will be many many wormholes that span across the entire eve universe. so pondering this fast could he not only see the usual Eve style harassment games using the mass and the timer that attached themselves to the wormholes. Basically every wormhole that a capsuleer find will be allocated a mass and time index in which if either of these reaches 0 the worm hole closes shut and leaves you trapped inside the harsh unexplored terrain which is unexplored space. With these mass calculators we can obviously see quite quickly that pirates and harassment style of pilots will use this to trap there prey in system after they have gotten all there t3 bits and bobs, by jumping through the wormhole several times to ensure it closes and causing all those trapped inside a very grim fate of having to scan a exit back to charted space.  a pirate can easily use this time to gather what he wants and kill who ever is in his way.

So with these new found risk in wormhole dwelling could we see like industrial corps rise up that are wormhole corps, who sole purpose is to explore these wonders that materialised from no where. Categories them and be the nomad corps that some pilots have been looking for a long time? obviously the question will be answered once capsuleers themselves get to grip with wormholes once they reach SiSi test server, which i know many including myself cant wait to get my hands on it.bigfish

Now approaching the main subject of this blog and the amazing speculation that i perceive which is could there be a new generation of war that is soon to hit new eden. The wormhole wars? At first is sound silly but in fact could be a simple reality. As stated in the wormhole blog ( which shall be linked at the end of this blog ) it states that you can pop up a pos although you cant put sov to the tower as the space it self cant be claimed but doesn’t necessary mean that you cant use the pos for a more sinister role. If  you have a small corp that is throwing itself up to being a WI ( which i am not referring to a wormhole industrialist ) you could physically take control of the system with force, which of course gets you thinking. If a few corps end up doing this and with deep wormholes that actually lead to other wormhole system we could be seeing a new war brewing in the unknown sectors of space. This prospect is incredibly exciting as this could be a mini 0.0 war type of system happening for wormspace.eos-onlooker

Obviously as i have said before these are only wild accusations but even if some of this stuff like corps actually moving to wormhole space, could actually bring a lot of fun to there members, since every day they move through the wormholes it will be a completely new adventure. only problem i foresee is actually getting new members to come help, after all they have to find the wormhole into the system. Hey who knows that could be the insinuations test to get in.

The blog i am referring to mostly through out this this dev blog and don’t forget to check out all the upcoming blogs about the M10 expansion at the dev blog page , apparently there are more on the way so keep you eyes peeled.

Big thanks to F-OFF for being my buds in combat and hope that you find the quality of this blog much better than my last.


EvE Life: Fleet fighting

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In the recent week i have come to a very good realization. I love fleet fights. There has been so many this weeks i probably logged on more than i have slept. been saving POS’s ( player owned stations ) or engaging hostile fleets that i forgot how wonderful it is. This is what eve is all about! I know what your going to say and how blobbing is bad but in a stable environment like a support node that was once set up after down time to prepare this huge 300 vs 300 sized fleet it dawned on me that i am taking place in somethingexefile-2008-12-09-18-58-34-53ng truly epic in scale.

I love the anticipation waiting to be jumped in next to the Erebus class titan waiting for that cyno to pop to execute the bridge which will send it fleet next to it into hellish depths. What will be on the other side. Is there caps, is there a fleet at all. Is it a trap , are there cloakers ready to warp a hostile fleet on top of us or are there friendlies. Who knows. It probably the part i enjoy the most is the anticipation of not knowing what were dropping on which makes it so adrenalin rushing as every fleet fight is different. They all have different objectives or very single minded ones depending what you jump on. although loosing my battleship in a engagement with a large goonswarm fleet i didn’t mind just watching the engagement of just slugs of antimatter or radio scorched the sky knowing that what i am seeing only a small % of people that play eve actually see these types of engagements.

which brought me to my second part about being in 0.0 space. a old friend in a old empire/ low sec corp hates that i am part of the GBC (greater B.O.B coalition ) and thinks of me as a traitor, which is what i cant understand. In real wars such as WWII etc people were hated for not picking a side at all and thought off as cowards , because they didn’t want to get shot by either party in which they only cared about there oexefile-2008-11-01-21-34-22-011wn skin instead of fighting for a bigger cause. which is why i am glad i have actually picked a side. These engagements are truly epic in scale which are fighting for things which empire and low sec corps cant even Imagine. to any of those people that see me as a silly 0.0 dwindler i shout out to you , least i am having fun, least i have picked a side. i respect all that i fight with and against that they have picked a side and that what ever side they are on they are taking part in eve history.If you have not yet to take part in the history of eve then it is a strong thing i suggest to do.  now that there is minimal lag now with in these fight , big fights like these are more fun than they have ever been and if you haven’t tried out 0.0  i would give it a go even if it is a short while. After all isnt this a MMO and should be played as such?

Armoured C

Thanks again to Federation of Freedom Fighters for providing me with good PVP through out the months

you can send question or queries about the blog or the things i write about to or if you wish to engage in 0.0 warfare and be part of the magic of which eve truly is then check out the recruit section of the eve online official forums or email me.

EvE life : christmas tidings

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life got me down this week, that new job i got into store has now opened and so my hours have increased. such is life that bills have to be paid and so i am here writing to say that EvE life will be continued from january 9th

have a happy christmas, new year and enjoy the expansion. I will be floating on the forum from time to time and partipicating in eve fleet event tied with the Nc vs GBC war

EvE Life: ooooo shiney

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So i am back after a few unfortunate  accidents involving floor and walls but i am back and back with the business of getting my thinking brain back on. I have feeling alot of excitement from the new expansion details so i thought i talk about what might the possible impacts to the eve community when the expansion hit our Internet download piles this winter. As i am going through the items that have been reviled this expansion might prove to mix things up a bit with in both PVP and industry.

One of the most influential things which might make the most change is the store system, which not many people have tested properly which is a shame as i believe this will bring revolution the markets. you don’t need to no longer buy from anyone and try and keep production to you allies and friends as well as the person wanting in on the offers. It also boast special deals, packages which … READ MORE AT ENN

EvE life: = RL

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So i know i haven’t written a blog in the last few days to a week well i have had a bit of a bad week in RL ( Real Life) where i had a job interveiw and while on the shop floor i kinda accidently sliped and discloated my arm from my shoulder as you do which by the way i do not advise!!!! So i wont be starting up my blog until a few days time, please read through my past stuff here and feel free to comment , laugh and riducule me for my worst job interveiw ( which appreantly i got it )

see you in a few

the master of disaster

Armoured C

EvE Life : 0.0 end of the rainbow?

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In my previous article ” the newbie guide to 0.0″ i briefly went over how to make isk in 0.0,though this wasn’t my intention  so i thought i do a follow up on how to do the activities which can make you rich. Depending on your skill level and what ships you can fly you isk making can be limited but you still can make considerably more than you would do in empire. most of the activities will require you to have a battleship or a really well tanked battlecruiser. If you can get to a battleship level with t2 tanking equipment you are pretty much there at all level of isk making out in the depth of nullsec. With enough work you can afford to start up another account just running on the isk that you get from 0.0. So with that in mind let get rolling.

Mining: Mining in 0.0 with a single account or by yourself is hard. The 0.0 belt rats are all battleship sized and will put many many holes in your ship. The General population who have the ability to mine in 0.0 usually either have a tanking alt which they put in the belt first, so that they grab the aggro from the rat in doing so leaving the helpless mining barge to do it duty or mining in a group which has the luxuries to a belt tank. bonuses from either a command ship or a capital ore mining platform. Don’t fear that i am talking all about mining barges or tanks. if you have a well tanked ship you may cash in on the mining parade by using your battleship as the tank and mine from it to. With the help of a corp mate or with a slightly modified industrial ship for picking up your ores mining on your own can be just a easy as with a barge. the ores that should interest you are the Arknor, Bistot and Crokite or the ABC’s for short. the pull alot of yield for the high end minerals inside them and unless you looking into building all the lower end ores you should just ignore. Now you have your minerals in place which you have collected from your mining operation.. well what now you ask? You could do the usual and sell your minerals on the local market gather more minerals and go to a major hub in empire and sell there. You could also promote growth in your alliance by selling the ores in house to your alliance. Only a few alliance operate such as this but even if your alliance does not convo you alliance channel and see if someone would like to buy you minerals as builders in the alliance are always on the look out for ores, seller a price with the buyer and help you alliance to victory.

Ratting: You may thing it is easy go in and kill everything but there is a art to ratting and if your not doing it correctly you could be wasting a fortune. When ratting in 0.0 your looking for a spawn which consists of 3 battleships spawns and once you found these spawns you “chain” them to bring them back so you can destroy them again for there bounties. chaining a spawn itself is simple you have to make sure something in that spawn survives, most people tend to keep the frigates or cruisers alive in the spawn which will ensure the spawn will be active. to know of a good spawn and to tell others who are joining you in the system that there is a good spawn most people put the frigate or cruiser left in the spawn in to half armor. this is to ensure that the next person entering the belt is aware that it is a good spawn instead of being a not so good one. There is another added factor to ratting in 0.0 and this is what every ratter dreams of, faction spawns. the % chance of having a faction spawn is very low and there is a good reason for this. Once they have been destroyed they drop very very valuable items in the wrecks which could potently be worth billions of isk. Some players could play for years and never receive one and others could get a few and netting them big profits. As one pod pilot who hasn’t received any i have only heard rumors on how to increase the chances of such a valuable spawn. I don’t know if this is true but i will tell you guys in case it is so come closer. Apparently you need a small system with only a few belts, and you need to go through everyone and destroy every rat in the belt before they all spawn back up. This method is ment to increase your chances of receiving a faction spawn. I haven’t tried it out myself as i haven’t been ratting for weeks and been mostly doing pvp on the MAX campaign against the north or boring real life work but if it does increase your chances i will let you know.

These are your main 2 sources of income in 0.0, there are other routes of making isk such as moon harvesting which requires you to have a big lump sum to purchase in a POS (player owned station) or exploration which requires a heavy skill set to find sites fast but your just starting out in 0.0 mining or ratting is everything that you need to make isk. Remember when you are mining or ratting to have you alliance intel channel up and local up to see when neutrals or enemy of your alliance are in your system or heading to your area. so that you may either POS up ( this is where you warp to a friendly POS in system and sit in the shield so that you may not be attacked) or dock up in a station. If PVP is slow they may even start a fleet to drive back the invaders which is beneficial to your isk making efforts as soon as the enemies are out of the area the sooner you can get back to what you were doing.

thank to CrazyKinus for his blogroll and great first podcast to the community, would also like to thank my trust crew of PVP shenanigans Federation of freedom fighters and EXE alliance and serious sally for allowing me the opportunity to write my articles.

The newbie guide to 0.0

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As someone who spent there considerable life in eve in empire i can see how 0.0 seem scary. All the cap ships and alliance with titans running around ready to kill anyone who is in there space which already sound daunting. I am writing to show you the basic of 0.0 life and why you should consider joining up for your nearest 0.0 alliance.

The basic rule of 0.0 is that there are no rules. Your free to engage who ever you like, where ever you like how ever you like. The combat changes in 0.0 as mainly there is none of your friendly faction police or sentry guns in 0.0 ( not counting the POS’s ). This means unlike in low sec you can bring frigates or small ships to a gate camp or station camp. If your alliance has a good spot, gate camping can be extremely fun as there should be no end to people trying to make a dash into 0.0 with freighters, haulers or ninja ratters and should provide a nice padding to your killboard stats. To make it easier to catch people it would be wise to train up for warp disruption bubbles, interdictors or heavy intidectors as every alliance is looking for these pilots. Once you netted in the trap of a bubble the % of your survival is very low. Fear not though there is a solution ( if the gate isnt camped on the other side ). clear all your destination markers for traveling right click the gate you have come through mark as first waypoint and then press you autopilot. The ships will spring into life and start to plod along back to the gate, you must then activate you MWD ( microwarp drive ) and the ships should jump it self back through.

The major fighting point for most 0.0 alliance is sovereignty. Sovereignty is the entity which is owning the current space. wars in 0.0 are battled by sovereignty. You will see in the the top left hand corner that is say what sovereignty level the system is. Sovereignty is held by POS in system and there are a few ways to drop sovereignty. You can either drop the tower which is claiming sovereignty for the system or put up more towers in system that the current owners. Once sovereignty drops the station can be targeted and taken over by your own alliance. Once the station has been taken over, the enemy forces cant re dock into that station and so loose all the assets in the station.  Make sure you are aware of any sovereignty losses in your alliance so that you yourself don’t loose any significant items in target station locations.

Every successful alliance in 0.0 has a good logistical backbone to support the alliance.  Some alliance offer you jump bridges which work like capital ships to traverse several system in a single jump. This makes it easier to also get to part of you alliance empire which maybe under attack. some stock the market with goods to make sure you can equip your ship with the latest technologies so that you may fight more efficiently. If you alliance doesn’t stock modules or ships in the local market there is a great opportunity to head to empire and stock it yourself. Check with you alliance to see if they set a cap on how much you may mark up the modules you are selling and this can make you a nice little earner.

As well as playing the market there are a few other ways to make isk out in the lands of 0.0. These are mining the vast roids of 0.0 refining them and taking them to empire to sell or to make stuff to sell on the markets, kill NPC rat in belts to score the bounties off them or do exploration which requires you to have probe launcher and alot of patience but it will pay off if you find a good site.

Hopefully i have shown you that the benfits or fighting for a 0.0 alliance are great, you have a home to protect, people that have your back,execptional amount of pvp and  lots of isk to be made, if that not worth moving to 0.0 what is? If you want to get some PVP pratice before you think about joining up with your local 0.0 alliance and you have good enough standing you may join one of the factional warfare groups which have roaming and massive fleet ops going around the clock.

thank to CrazyKinus for his blogroll and great first podcast to the community, would also like to thank my trust crew of PVP shiniganians Federation of freedom fighters and EXE alliance

EvE Life: new year tidings

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aura1Well it a new year and a new start to all our  resolutions, which as i gather many have already failed. One thing i like to believe this is the year off which  is the year of eve. We have so many cool things to look forward to this year as eve online subscribers.

Walking In Stations : i believe hold us walking in stations which is what eve has desperately been lacking in a while now. We need that connection to our character to engross us in the game further than we can and hopefully WIS ( walking in stations ) can please the role-players and maybe when the retail version of the game hits shelves might even attract more RP’rs to the table to make the world even more alive. I am actually considering it myself to start role-playing when in stations, as it will feel good to play this Caldari hating demi-god in a real character instead of the Caldari hating part on the forums. obviously my corp/alliance mates will be except from the Caldari that boils in my gallente blood. No doubt though from here that WIS will change everything and none the less shall we be mocked on the MMO report or might even get a re review on the hilarious zero punction reviews.

Tech 3 : I dont know if Tech 3 is needed in the game but if it is or not it will prove fun once the prices come down after the inital batch of T3 components. Unfornatually i still dont know much about T3 due to my copy of EON magazine hasnt popped it way through the letterbox on my door yet. from what i understand from the various posts writted in a few places you need skills to operate indivudal components, so we get more skills to go with more exploration and a new exploration revamp. We now have unexplored wormholes to access our new tech goodies which means i know a few explorers who are going to be rolling in isk for a few weeks at least. I like the fact that useually when you see a ship you know it role and what type of damage it going to bestow on your vessle of choice, with T3 you loose this freedom to know what your ship capabilites are against the new sub capital behamoths of the new eden skys. are you giving it your all as the shild are dropping slowly to then only realise that it a armour tanking ship.  These myseries are closer to being solved as we rapidly approach March.

Servers and New Players  : with more concurrent users being online and broken 2 records for the most users online this year/month alone i hope the servers themselves are continually being updated as i  reckon once the box users come live we will not only crush the record we have just set but smash it out of the ball park. I am calling it now that i reckon that we will hit 75k users. the problem we face now with this potiental influx of users if pushing more people to 0.0 or making more empire areas. I truly hope that CCP make more encouraging routes to get into 0.0 and this is what the game is designed around and would be a shame if they increased the safer areas ( remember safer not safe ) as it bad enough that only a tiny fraction of the eve universe populate the brillant 0.0 lands of eve.erebus-sun

well with out talking to anyone or any new devs releasing any new content on the newest expansion line up this year there isn’t alot more i know unless i want to start on the speculation train which i am pretty fond of. My next blog i will be talking about the hot topic this coming time which is the Alliance tournament which is making our way to all the denizens of new eden. My predictions , ship fittings galore ( what i would also love to see in the tourney ) and maybe see if i can get a few interviews with some of the teams captains including the awesome factional warfare teams which i have aspirations for ( go gallente \o/ . if you participating in the tournament and want to tell us how your preparing and if you quietly confident? wish to discuss something about the blog, any ideas of things you would like to see dont hesistate to drop me a line, EvE life has it own email address which is or drop us a comment in the comment section part of the site

till next time this is EvE life and i am Armoured C

if you wish to contact me you can now reach me on our new