EvE life: it a start

I will be starting up a new blog in the next few days to talk about the many, many many things that are possible in eve. This series of blogs will travel in depth to all the different professions that are available, what skill you need to obtain them and tactics which can help with said profession.

bright as the sky

bright as the sky

I will be touching into careers such as manufacturing, boosters, pirating, mercenaries, 0.0 life, missioning, exploration as well as talk about up coming buff and nerfs and how they could change the dynamic of the game from all different perspectives. I might also include some discussion that have popped up on the forums and dev blogs.

I will be aiming for a weekly blog which my first i will put to pirating. If you have any topic that you think should be discussed please dont hesitate to message me ingame with your thoughts or comments. You will have to excuse the quick logo on the size i just quick selected the logo to slap on the picture and will get on with it after my birthday celebrations are over.

See you all in a few days

Armoured C


~ by armouredc on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “EvE life: it a start”

  1. Hey there!

    You blog’s looking great!

    Added it to my EVE Player Blogroll. You’ll also be featured in both next Friday’s
    EVE Speedlinking post as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.

    I’d appreciate if you made a post about it and/or added those links to your blogroll!


  2. Oh no! Armoured C visible again! Lock him and kill him!

    Nah. Seriously, adding you onto my own Blogroll and hope in your visit by me too.

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