EvE life : Pirating who has the bigger stick? part 1

Eve online is a game focused on the PVP ( player vs player combat ). From buying & selling to shooting holes in someone with you tachyons 2’s you always going to encounter someone that will be trying to beat you. So on that knowledge it would be wise in my opinion to write about the games best feature which if you haven’t been paying attention for the last few sentences is PVP.

There are many path in eve which will lead you to PVP. One of these is evilest and scummy ( you love it really ) careers of pirating. Carrying that juicy full cargo hold of expensive modules into that one low sec gate to find the harbinger of death blinky red foaming at the teeth on the other side is what it all about to some small extent.  In this blog i will teach you the ways of becoming some sort of success in the ways of pirating but be warned pirating is like a drug fix and once you get your first taste of blood you will want to jump in your ship at every up time and pew pew till downtime.

So you decided to continue to read down, well i admire your dedication, there are a few promises that i can tell you now you have decided to embark on your new career.

  • Your going to loose a ship eventually.
  • vast swaths of empire space are going to be denied to you. In fact if this doesn’t happen this means that you suck at pirating. Your security status isn’t low enough which means you need to try harder as you haven’t yet reached the law braking killing psychopath level and concord the friendly law enforcement agency will just ignore you.

As a new pirate in the universe of new eden you will have to take note of a few things that will hinder you in the execution of your ways. If you pirating in empire you will have to work extra hard to fool the enemy into making a mistake so that you may take wraith upon them. This is simply put down to concord,  They are the law maker of new eden. Combat in empire is only allowed under certain conditions where they have had to brake the law towards you for you to strike back at them. One of the easiest examples is can baiting.let try a physical experiment of this.

threat level: low (side note this exercise cant be done in noob training area but the system next to it is fine)

equipment you will need: a ship with a bonus to weapon damage is preferable ( my recommendation is a stealth bomber ), warp disrupter, weapons

warp to a belt until you come across a miner, kill the rats in the belt to make it look like that is what you are there for and then wait out to make it look like you afk (if you are in a stealth bomber cloak up after the rats have been killed and approach the can he is mining in to) once the barge has warped off to get his hauler this is where you will strike. approach the can to with in 1.5 km or 1500 meters and scoop a large quantity in to your cargo hold. then from you cargo hold jettison it into space. Rename the can to what the miner has called it, and then drag and drop all his ore from his can into your can. If you are in the stealth bomber cloak up and keep with in range of the ship to your warp disrupter. If your not in a stealth bomber you will be flashy red to the hauler/miner pilot as you have stolen from him and now a predicament starts. the hauler pilot will now do one of several things. If you are in the stealth bomber you cant be seen and so hopefully the hauler will fall into the trap of taking the ore from you container in which you can uncloak him instantly lock him and blow up his ship. pirating 1 carebears 0. on the other foot if you are not using a stealth bomber there are various way this could turn out for you.

  • hauler/miner call for corp help, you have agro timer for 15 minutes which means anyone from that cooperation can shoot you as you are blinky red to them all you either run away and try another carebear miner in another system or face them and see what they bring and try and take one down
  • the hauler takes the stuff anyway and you get to pew pew him while he cries to his mum
  • the hauler pilot warps away and leaves all his ore behind, score you just got free ore, refine it and sell it for some free isk

hopefully this experiment went well for you and you have scored you first kill as a pirate. it maybe a small hauler kill but it is a annoying for the receiving end as he has to now buy and fit out a new hauler. So not only have you ruined his time by spending all that time mining but you made it worst that he looses all the ore and the ship which is vital to his logistic chain. If you are feeling more evil at the time and after a few goes you may want to try convo the hauler and ask for a ransom for his ship, but don’t make it to high ask for about half the price of what this ship cost so it is beneficial to both sides of the table.

In my next blog EvE life : Pirating I have the bigger stick part 2 we shall go deeper into pirating where we shall explore low sec pirating, some more experiments and indepth coverage of the global criminal flagging system which will be your best friend and your worst nightmare. Ship setup for low sec gate camping might be included as well as mini blog on the best forum posts and rumor mill as we approach that time of the year where the new expansion is comming closer to our tables.


~ by armouredc on October 11, 2008.

One Response to “EvE life : Pirating who has the bigger stick? part 1”

  1. 4th day plaing EVE and 1st time jet can mining for me. They come in gang of three and flipped my can. I was in my lovely Badger. Looking on overview and local inhabitants I have assed threat.

    No, no ore for filthy pirates. Do not mind me, if they had balls to shoot on me in Empire, I would say it was fair. But flip can and wait in three on hauler? How pathetic.

    I flown a bit behind can, turn around and aligned on station. As I was passing can in full speed, I open it and move content into my hauler. I hit dock button at the moment I dropped it into bay. They made it on time to the station, but they could not prevent my docking.

    Lovely tears filled in local chat. Nothing is more satisfying as the lowest kind of pirates crying you a river about being robbed.

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