EvE Life : 0.0 end of the rainbow?

In my previous article ” the newbie guide to 0.0″ i briefly went over how to make isk in 0.0,though this wasn’t my intention  so i thought i do a follow up on how to do the activities which can make you rich. Depending on your skill level and what ships you can fly you isk making can be limited but you still can make considerably more than you would do in empire. most of the activities will require you to have a battleship or a really well tanked battlecruiser. If you can get to a battleship level with t2 tanking equipment you are pretty much there at all level of isk making out in the depth of nullsec. With enough work you can afford to start up another account just running on the isk that you get from 0.0. So with that in mind let get rolling.

Mining: Mining in 0.0 with a single account or by yourself is hard. The 0.0 belt rats are all battleship sized and will put many many holes in your ship. The General population who have the ability to mine in 0.0 usually either have a tanking alt which they put in the belt first, so that they grab the aggro from the rat in doing so leaving the helpless mining barge to do it duty or mining in a group which has the luxuries to a belt tank. bonuses from either a command ship or a capital ore mining platform. Don’t fear that i am talking all about mining barges or tanks. if you have a well tanked ship you may cash in on the mining parade by using your battleship as the tank and mine from it to. With the help of a corp mate or with a slightly modified industrial ship for picking up your ores mining on your own can be just a easy as with a barge. the ores that should interest you are the Arknor, Bistot and Crokite or the ABC’s for short. the pull alot of yield for the high end minerals inside them and unless you looking into building all the lower end ores you should just ignore. Now you have your minerals in place which you have collected from your mining operation.. well what now you ask? You could do the usual and sell your minerals on the local market gather more minerals and go to a major hub in empire and sell there. You could also promote growth in your alliance by selling the ores in house to your alliance. Only a few alliance operate such as this but even if your alliance does not convo you alliance channel and see if someone would like to buy you minerals as builders in the alliance are always on the look out for ores, seller a price with the buyer and help you alliance to victory.

Ratting: You may thing it is easy go in and kill everything but there is a art to ratting and if your not doing it correctly you could be wasting a fortune. When ratting in 0.0 your looking for a spawn which consists of 3 battleships spawns and once you found these spawns you “chain” them to bring them back so you can destroy them again for there bounties. chaining a spawn itself is simple you have to make sure something in that spawn survives, most people tend to keep the frigates or cruisers alive in the spawn which will ensure the spawn will be active. to know of a good spawn and to tell others who are joining you in the system that there is a good spawn most people put the frigate or cruiser left in the spawn in to half armor. this is to ensure that the next person entering the belt is aware that it is a good spawn instead of being a not so good one. There is another added factor to ratting in 0.0 and this is what every ratter dreams of, faction spawns. the % chance of having a faction spawn is very low and there is a good reason for this. Once they have been destroyed they drop very very valuable items in the wrecks which could potently be worth billions of isk. Some players could play for years and never receive one and others could get a few and netting them big profits. As one pod pilot who hasn’t received any i have only heard rumors on how to increase the chances of such a valuable spawn. I don’t know if this is true but i will tell you guys in case it is so come closer. Apparently you need a small system with only a few belts, and you need to go through everyone and destroy every rat in the belt before they all spawn back up. This method is ment to increase your chances of receiving a faction spawn. I haven’t tried it out myself as i haven’t been ratting for weeks and been mostly doing pvp on the MAX campaign against the north or boring real life work but if it does increase your chances i will let you know.

These are your main 2 sources of income in 0.0, there are other routes of making isk such as moon harvesting which requires you to have a big lump sum to purchase in a POS (player owned station) or exploration which requires a heavy skill set to find sites fast but your just starting out in 0.0 mining or ratting is everything that you need to make isk. Remember when you are mining or ratting to have you alliance intel channel up and local up to see when neutrals or enemy of your alliance are in your system or heading to your area. so that you may either POS up ( this is where you warp to a friendly POS in system and sit in the shield so that you may not be attacked) or dock up in a station. If PVP is slow they may even start a fleet to drive back the invaders which is beneficial to your isk making efforts as soon as the enemies are out of the area the sooner you can get back to what you were doing.

thank to CrazyKinus for his blogroll and great first podcast to the community, would also like to thank my trust crew of PVP shenanigans Federation of freedom fighters and EXE alliance and serious sally for allowing me the opportunity to write my articles.


~ by armouredc on October 12, 2008.

One Response to “EvE Life : 0.0 end of the rainbow?”

  1. Good post. These are the basics, but it surprising to see the number of people in 00 who don’t know how to rat.

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