The newbie guide to 0.0

As someone who spent there considerable life in eve in empire i can see how 0.0 seem scary. All the cap ships and alliance with titans running around ready to kill anyone who is in there space which already sound daunting. I am writing to show you the basic of 0.0 life and why you should consider joining up for your nearest 0.0 alliance.

The basic rule of 0.0 is that there are no rules. Your free to engage who ever you like, where ever you like how ever you like. The combat changes in 0.0 as mainly there is none of your friendly faction police or sentry guns in 0.0 ( not counting the POS’s ). This means unlike in low sec you can bring frigates or small ships to a gate camp or station camp. If your alliance has a good spot, gate camping can be extremely fun as there should be no end to people trying to make a dash into 0.0 with freighters, haulers or ninja ratters and should provide a nice padding to your killboard stats. To make it easier to catch people it would be wise to train up for warp disruption bubbles, interdictors or heavy intidectors as every alliance is looking for these pilots. Once you netted in the trap of a bubble the % of your survival is very low. Fear not though there is a solution ( if the gate isnt camped on the other side ). clear all your destination markers for traveling right click the gate you have come through mark as first waypoint and then press you autopilot. The ships will spring into life and start to plod along back to the gate, you must then activate you MWD ( microwarp drive ) and the ships should jump it self back through.

The major fighting point for most 0.0 alliance is sovereignty. Sovereignty is the entity which is owning the current space. wars in 0.0 are battled by sovereignty. You will see in the the top left hand corner that is say what sovereignty level the system is. Sovereignty is held by POS in system and there are a few ways to drop sovereignty. You can either drop the tower which is claiming sovereignty for the system or put up more towers in system that the current owners. Once sovereignty drops the station can be targeted and taken over by your own alliance. Once the station has been taken over, the enemy forces cant re dock into that station and so loose all the assets in the station.  Make sure you are aware of any sovereignty losses in your alliance so that you yourself don’t loose any significant items in target station locations.

Every successful alliance in 0.0 has a good logistical backbone to support the alliance.  Some alliance offer you jump bridges which work like capital ships to traverse several system in a single jump. This makes it easier to also get to part of you alliance empire which maybe under attack. some stock the market with goods to make sure you can equip your ship with the latest technologies so that you may fight more efficiently. If you alliance doesn’t stock modules or ships in the local market there is a great opportunity to head to empire and stock it yourself. Check with you alliance to see if they set a cap on how much you may mark up the modules you are selling and this can make you a nice little earner.

As well as playing the market there are a few other ways to make isk out in the lands of 0.0. These are mining the vast roids of 0.0 refining them and taking them to empire to sell or to make stuff to sell on the markets, kill NPC rat in belts to score the bounties off them or do exploration which requires you to have probe launcher and alot of patience but it will pay off if you find a good site.

Hopefully i have shown you that the benfits or fighting for a 0.0 alliance are great, you have a home to protect, people that have your back,execptional amount of pvp and  lots of isk to be made, if that not worth moving to 0.0 what is? If you want to get some PVP pratice before you think about joining up with your local 0.0 alliance and you have good enough standing you may join one of the factional warfare groups which have roaming and massive fleet ops going around the clock.

thank to CrazyKinus for his blogroll and great first podcast to the community, would also like to thank my trust crew of PVP shiniganians Federation of freedom fighters and EXE alliance


~ by armouredc on October 12, 2008.

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