EvE Life: ooooo shiney

So i am back after a few unfortunate  accidents involving floor and walls but i am back and back with the business of getting my thinking brain back on. I have feeling alot of excitement from the new expansion details so i thought i talk about what might the possible impacts to the eve community when the expansion hit our Internet download piles this winter. As i am going through the items that have been reviled this expansion might prove to mix things up a bit with in both PVP and industry.

One of the most influential things which might make the most change is the store system, which not many people have tested properly which is a shame as i believe this will bring revolution the markets. you don’t need to no longer buy from anyone and try and keep production to you allies and friends as well as the person wanting in on the offers. It also boast special deals, packages which … READ MORE AT ENN


~ by armouredc on October 20, 2008.

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