EvE Life: new year tidings

aura1Well it a new year and a new start to all our  resolutions, which as i gather many have already failed. One thing i like to believe this is the year off which  is the year of eve. We have so many cool things to look forward to this year as eve online subscribers.

Walking In Stations : i believe hold us walking in stations which is what eve has desperately been lacking in a while now. We need that connection to our character to engross us in the game further than we can and hopefully WIS ( walking in stations ) can please the role-players and maybe when the retail version of the game hits shelves might even attract more RP’rs to the table to make the world even more alive. I am actually considering it myself to start role-playing when in stations, as it will feel good to play this Caldari hating demi-god in a real character instead of the Caldari hating part on the forums. obviously my corp/alliance mates will be except from the Caldari that boils in my gallente blood. No doubt though from here that WIS will change everything and none the less shall we be mocked on the MMO report or might even get a re review on the hilarious zero punction reviews.

Tech 3 : I dont know if Tech 3 is needed in the game but if it is or not it will prove fun once the prices come down after the inital batch of T3 components. Unfornatually i still dont know much about T3 due to my copy of EON magazine hasnt popped it way through the letterbox on my door yet. from what i understand from the various posts writted in a few places you need skills to operate indivudal components, so we get more skills to go with more exploration and a new exploration revamp. We now have unexplored wormholes to access our new tech goodies which means i know a few explorers who are going to be rolling in isk for a few weeks at least. I like the fact that useually when you see a ship you know it role and what type of damage it going to bestow on your vessle of choice, with T3 you loose this freedom to know what your ship capabilites are against the new sub capital behamoths of the new eden skys. are you giving it your all as the shild are dropping slowly to then only realise that it a armour tanking ship.  These myseries are closer to being solved as we rapidly approach March.

Servers and New Players  : with more concurrent users being online and broken 2 records for the most users online this year/month alone i hope the servers themselves are continually being updated as i  reckon once the box users come live we will not only crush the record we have just set but smash it out of the ball park. I am calling it now that i reckon that we will hit 75k users. the problem we face now with this potiental influx of users if pushing more people to 0.0 or making more empire areas. I truly hope that CCP make more encouraging routes to get into 0.0 and this is what the game is designed around and would be a shame if they increased the safer areas ( remember safer not safe ) as it bad enough that only a tiny fraction of the eve universe populate the brillant 0.0 lands of eve.erebus-sun

well with out talking to anyone or any new devs releasing any new content on the newest expansion line up this year there isn’t alot more i know unless i want to start on the speculation train which i am pretty fond of. My next blog i will be talking about the hot topic this coming time which is the Alliance tournament which is making our way to all the denizens of new eden. My predictions , ship fittings galore ( what i would also love to see in the tourney ) and maybe see if i can get a few interviews with some of the teams captains including the awesome factional warfare teams which i have aspirations for ( go gallente \o/ . if you participating in the tournament and want to tell us how your preparing and if you quietly confident? wish to discuss something about the blog, any ideas of things you would like to see dont hesistate to drop me a line, EvE life has it own email address which is evelifeblog@googlemail.com or drop us a comment in the comment section part of the site

till next time this is EvE life and i am Armoured C

if you wish to contact me you can now reach me on our new


~ by armouredc on January 17, 2009.

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