EvE Life: Wormhole Wars?

After reviewing some of the new shiny blogs that have made it way on to our laps with in this week ,I am defiantly looking froward to the M10 launch of Apocrypha.  As usual my mind like the forum whore that i am, i love to speculate about stuff and make wild claims that would be cool to see. exefile-2009-01-25-03-47-01-98

I have foreseen that in one of the blog in particular that there will be many many wormholes that span across the entire eve universe. so pondering this fast could he not only see the usual Eve style harassment games using the mass and the timer that attached themselves to the wormholes. Basically every wormhole that a capsuleer find will be allocated a mass and time index in which if either of these reaches 0 the worm hole closes shut and leaves you trapped inside the harsh unexplored terrain which is unexplored space. With these mass calculators we can obviously see quite quickly that pirates and harassment style of pilots will use this to trap there prey in system after they have gotten all there t3 bits and bobs, by jumping through the wormhole several times to ensure it closes and causing all those trapped inside a very grim fate of having to scan a exit back to charted space.  a pirate can easily use this time to gather what he wants and kill who ever is in his way.

So with these new found risk in wormhole dwelling could we see like industrial corps rise up that are wormhole corps, who sole purpose is to explore these wonders that materialised from no where. Categories them and be the nomad corps that some pilots have been looking for a long time? obviously the question will be answered once capsuleers themselves get to grip with wormholes once they reach SiSi test server, which i know many including myself cant wait to get my hands on it.bigfish

Now approaching the main subject of this blog and the amazing speculation that i perceive which is could there be a new generation of war that is soon to hit new eden. The wormhole wars? At first is sound silly but in fact could be a simple reality. As stated in the wormhole blog ( which shall be linked at the end of this blog ) it states that you can pop up a pos although you cant put sov to the tower as the space it self cant be claimed but doesn’t necessary mean that you cant use the pos for a more sinister role. If  you have a small corp that is throwing itself up to being a WI ( which i am not referring to a wormhole industrialist ) you could physically take control of the system with force, which of course gets you thinking. If a few corps end up doing this and with deep wormholes that actually lead to other wormhole system we could be seeing a new war brewing in the unknown sectors of space. This prospect is incredibly exciting as this could be a mini 0.0 war type of system happening for wormspace.eos-onlooker

Obviously as i have said before these are only wild accusations but even if some of this stuff like corps actually moving to wormhole space, could actually bring a lot of fun to there members, since every day they move through the wormholes it will be a completely new adventure. only problem i foresee is actually getting new members to come help, after all they have to find the wormhole into the system. Hey who knows that could be the insinuations test to get in.

The blog i am referring to mostly through out this this dev blog and don’t forget to check out all the upcoming blogs about the M10 expansion at the dev blog page , apparently there are more on the way so keep you eyes peeled.

Big thanks to F-OFF for being my buds in combat and hope that you find the quality of this blog much better than my last.



~ by armouredc on February 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “EvE Life: Wormhole Wars?”

  1. Here is my thought about this…if they only have a certain amount of mass they let through…when that expires…you better find another way out. SO as far as battling over something that constantly moves…not sure that will happen…interesting thoughts tho.

  2. Hi there armouredc,

    Your blog looks really good. I’ve started a blog that is supposed to share information on worm-space. Its also supposed to list skills required for tech 3 production, strategies to completing challenges, and anything else.

    If you like to check it out: http://evet3.blogspot.com

  3. Gonna be interesting to find out just how tricky the logistics are. You can be us pirates have our thinking caps on about how to plunder and profit in wormholes.

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  5. […] Blog: EvE life tagged with: Post: https://evelife.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/eve-life-wormhole-wars/ […]

  6. I like your blog.
    Keep posting!

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