the battle for 4-e (back to square one)


pre downtime we managed to kill a small sniper fleet ( 5-6 losses ) before RA managed to lock the system down.


Up time started and there was tention in the air. many system in eve where still under traffic advisory. it barly took 20 minutes for local to reach number of excess 500 with the total maximum number in local was 620. unfortunately since Scorched Earth ( now referred to as SE ) called in RA and RA number were excessive not many engagements happened. there was one small engagement at a newly forming tower which for the SE fleet incurred a few losses which were 2 onxy’s , 2 brutix’s , hurricane, manticore, ferox and a caracal . Our forces also had some losses with a fly catcher , a broadsword,blackbird,arazu and a megathron downed. the aggro board shows that during this fight the SE side lost around 400 million isk while aggro lost only 300 mill. They erected another bridge ststem and there cyno jammer was active during the entire time.

several intel report shown that there were many hauler and jump freighters around the system but with the presence of RA made it hard to get good clean attacks on anything in the system. morale stayed pretty high with the talking about intercourse with dolphins and it can kill a human.

There was a mass movement from the station at around the same time RA ( Red alliance and friends ) left the system. Once they had left SE number dropped and local smoothed to around 300 in local with a fleet we are in over in excess of 200 pod pilots.

AGGO has now reclaimed advantage over the space with bubbles back on to the station and any new baby tower they erected are now being put back into reinforced. It seem that SE got RA to save them but when they leave the are back to square one where they have several tower are in reinforced. we just wonder now what too ducky has planned to save the towers again once they again come out of reinforced.

This report is all fact to what happened. all all the info if what i know off coming from the intel sources, obviously they would of been doing stuff moving ship out of station that we may of not known about. Because i don’t know it i cant report on it. I though we might of had some more fights but with the superior number of ships in system it wasn’t worth a suicide run when we could easily wait and knock towers down at a later date.

follow on my twitter to what is happening with the current campaign to taking scorched earth space.


~ by armouredc on April 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “the battle for 4-e (back to square one)”

  1. We got done what we wanted to do we repped all the towers that were renforced unfortantly no big fights. Hope we get some good fights.

  2. Hi, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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